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Why is Cops such a popular show? Why is People’s Court had such a long run? Why is it that a sports team that comes back from certain loss to a last-second win is celebrated so much? Because fairness and “evening the score” is something humans crave almost as much as they crave a sense of belonging. We love watching the cops catch the bad guy. We cheer when the People’s Court judge lambasts a person who is attempting to fleece an innocent defendant. Forgiveness has its place, but too often it is touted as the better option when, in many cases, it simply isn’t—for the forgiver. On a gut level we want to see things made right. Prey for Us answers this with a series of situations where wrongdoing think they’ve succeeded is dodging justice, but will soon learn that justice has a long, mysterious, and inescapable reach. If you enjoy seeing line-cutters sent to the back, odds are good that you’ll enjoy this series.