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A new series by Geoffrey Neil

Welcome to My Lair

I write noir thrillers that are chock-full of my fears, harnessing readers’ imagination for the heavy lifting. In my stories, you’ll experience unusual plots, innovative abductions, bizarre locations, chilling psychological tactics, lawless justice, and sexual depictions probably not possible in reality. (That last one isn’t true, yet, but I’m not above anything for a nice hook.) You’ll meet Morana Mahker, a character appearing in every story and who is equally attractive, cunning and ruthless. Grab a title. Try to escape.

 I’m a humble writer. I don’t use fancy prose, cute phrasing, or $5 words. My goal is always simplicity and vividness. Anyone at a junior high reading level can blaze through my books in a few hours, needing no dictionary. I don’t censor characters’ profanity. (Apologies to the easily-offended.) And finally, I’ll confess upfront that I suck at writing similes, so I tend to avoid them. This shortcoming in my craft annoys me like a pebble stuck in the shoe of my mind. See? Awful. I’m working on it. I’m grateful that you stopped by—thank you! Be sure to try a sample before you go. Might be tasty.