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Antoinette Made For Easy Prey

After the pretty nineteen-year-old disappears, her wealthy family’s worry turns to panic when they learn she’s been kidnapped. They’re willing to do anything to save her. They become lured and then entangled within a sadistic, personalized ransom game. As grief and frustration strain family ties, Antoinette’s father discovers a powerful, but risky secret weapon. Gambling on it could deliver sweet justice, making his daughter’s abductor sorry—or it could destroy what remains of his family. Strap in for a wild story filled with heart-thumping twists, and a wild ending you won’t see coming.

Author’s note: Malice Aforethought is the third book of the Prey for Us series. It is an independent story with new characters and eventually culminates within the Prey for Us sub-lair. If you enjoyed the previous books, there’s a strong chance you’ll like this one, too.