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Available March 1, 2019








Things Need to Be Made Right.

A reclusive genius discovers a law of physics that could be worth billions—if he cared about money. When Morana Mahker is granted a private demonstration, the man refuses to share his secret with her. She’s more than willing to kill for it, but she knows it won’t be that simple. If flattery, gifts, and seduction don’t persuade the elusive man to trust her, perhaps a serendipitous opportunity to correct a grave injustice that has haunted him since childhood will do the trick. What could go wrong?

Prey for Us will take you on a journey into a strange, clandestine world where cunning deception battles fierce privacy for huge stakes. This ferocious test of wills will keep you guessing until the last page.

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Author's Note
Prey for Us is the title book of my new series featuring revenge. It was inspired by victims’ statements allowed in courtrooms at sentencing hearings. Some victims take the opportunity to curse and lash out at the convicted. Others stun courtroom observers by offering forgiveness. Either choice falls short of making the victim whole. This satisfaction-shortcoming made me wonder what it would look like if these victims had a way to ease their pain in precisely the way that they long to. So, I began writing. An organization called Prey for Us emerged as the ideal vehicle for this premise.