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Things Need to Be Made Right.

Forgiveness is overrated. If you feel satisfied when bullies get what they deserve, and if a warm sense of fairness sweeps over you when abusers meet justice, then you’ll enjoy this story. Put this justice into a fascinating, clandestine world and Prey for Us will thrill you.

A reclusive genius discovers a stunning law of physics that could be worth billions–if he cared about money. When a beautiful woman who is wanted for murder gets a private demo, she’ll do anything to learn the man’s secret, but he refuses to talk. With no qualms about killing anyone in her way, this ferocious battle for huge stakes keeps you guessing until the last page.
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Author's Note

Prey for Us is the title book of my new series featuring the sweet revenge of vigilante justice. It taps into, and satisfies, the core human urge for fairness. The concept is inspired by the Victim Impact Statement in courtrooms at sentencing hearings. Some victims, or their loved-ones, use the opportunity to curse and lash out at the convicted. Others stun the courtroom by offering forgiveness. Neither decision makes the victim whole again, nor does either appear to be satisfying. This inadequacy of the Victims Impact Statement made me imagine that there was a way for these victims to ease their pain in precisely the way that they long to. So, I began writing. Morana Mahker and an organization called Prey for Us emerged as ideal tools to fulfill this goal. If you are honest enough to admit that you’ve resented forgiveness, you might enjoy this story.