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They think getting fired is the worst thing that can happen. They are dead wrong.

Lonnie Raiford, a shyster and rascal known for his rule-stretching and low-level company embezzlement, is about to face the ultimate test of loyalty. His best friend, the gentle giant Hugh Berish, is the unsuspecting target of the seductive and mysterious Morana Mahker. Morana’s over-the-top affection for Hugh sparks jealousy in Lonnie at first, but when he unravels the horrifying truth about her ulterior motives, Lonnie’s protective instincts kick in, forcing him to use his habitual cunning and ethical oversights for a noble purpose. He must act quickly to save his friend from Morana’s secret grisly plans. As the clock ticks down, Lonnie’s relentless determination to save his pal is put to the test. Human Resources is a nerve-shredding tale of deception, loyalty, and the depths to which one will go to protect a friend from a terrifying fate. If you are intrigued by unlikely heroes, Human Resources is for you. 


Human Resources has been optioned for film or TV adaptation by Mace Neufeld Productions, producers of The Omen, The Sum of All Fears, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Invictus, and many other successful titles. Get Human Resources and buckle up for this heart pounding thriller!”

Author's Note

Many readers have told me Human Resources is the scariest of my books. It’s based on one of my recurring childhood nightmares. I’ve received a number of critical reviews claiming that the story content is too gruesome. I’ve taken this as flattery, because the story’s most disturbing scenes include no details or explicit portrayals that could be defined as gruesome. I can only shrug and suggest that the implications in this story somehow trigger these visceral reactions. The story happens at some future point when Morana has abandoned her sense of social justice. The Prey for Us series will include multiple books leading to Human Resources. This story contains no references to the other books and can be read in any order.

Bonus Material

Get a chilling, bonus chapter that will unveil the mystery of how Dr. Pradin was abducted.

Also get an unpublished map of Mapetoa Island for an aerial view of the isolated, opulent resort known as El Sabor de la Vida.

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