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What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You.

Ian Shaw’s life completely unravels in the wake of a devastating breakup with Kate, the love of his life. Drowning in despair, Ian tries to numb his pain with alcohol, which only sends him spiraling deeper into depression and self-destruction. When his worried family arranges an intervention, Ian’s fury clashes with their desperate concern, fracturing relationships. Reluctantly, Ian agrees to be whisked away to a secluded treatment center. Hidden in a rural haven, the luxurious resort promises to cure his addiction and rekindle his will to live. But the veneer of opulence at the far away paradise soon reveals sinister cracks. Ian grapples with inexplicable staff behavior and the peculiar restrictions imposed upon him. Day by day, the chilling truth behind his stay becomes clear, forcing Ian to unlock the secrets of his beguiling predicament before it exacts a price more horrific than he could have imagined.


Ian’s race against time becomes a battle for his very survival as he navigates a deadly maze of deception and deceit. Will he unravel the malevolent truth hidden behind the facades of luxury and compassion? Or will he become yet another victim in a sticky web of guile? This story will grip you, keeping you riveted from cover to cover.


Brace yourself and take a heart-thumping ride through Guile, an immersive journey that will haunt your thoughts long after the final chapter.

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Bonus Chapter

Guile Bonus Chapter FREE full-length chapter of Guile.

This unpublished 3,000 word chapter details the encampment’s activities following Ian’s Blessed Egress. A vicious final squabble between Angelica and Amity comes to shocking end. Will the fiery Blessed Exodus happen?