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She thinks her gated home, full-time guards, and gun-toting husband will protect her from a sadistic stalker. She should think again.

Hailey Vaughn, a charismatic and accomplished business consultant, is about to discover the true depths of obsession and terror. Gage Dolan, a master of electronics and a diagnosed erotomaniac, has been secretly fixated on Hailey for months and has decided it’s time for an introduction. His meticulous preparation has enabled him to insidiously infiltrate Hailey’s life, learning and memorizing intimate details only she should know. After some “coincidental” run-ins where Gage uses his knowledge to wow her, Hailey is intrigued. Facing a crumbling marriage, she yields to temptation by entertaining a business arrangement with Gage.

As Gage’s pursuit becomes increasingly sinister, Hailey realizes the horrifying extent of his twisted fixation. She desperately tries to end the relationship, but her attempts seem only to strengthen Gage’s grasp as her world unravels. Gage’s dark plan culminates in a remote cabin, where Hailey learns the terrifying plans her tormentor has for her. In a jarring twist, she must make an unthinkable choice for the slimmest chance to survive.


Let Wanton Regard take you on a chilling ride between the boundaries of sanity and obsession. It will leave you haunted by the lingering echoes of a nightmare that could happen to anyone.

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Author's Note

Writing Wanton Regard was cathartic because it contains a few elements of my own experience as a stalker victim. Morana makes a brief appearance near the end, foreshadowing her mission in Dire Means. However, this book can be read in any order.

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