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A City Held Hostage By a Vigilante’s Twisted Moral Code

The sun-kissed shores of Santa Monica hide a city gripped by terror. Beneath the picturesque façade, a relentless vigilante known as “Pop” unleashes a reign of twisted justice, forcing the citizens to confront a deep moral dilemma. He embarks on an ingenious mission to end homelessness, but his methods are anything but virtuous. With an icy determination, he wages a gruesome campaign to force compassion from a callous world, effectively blurring the lines between justice and revenge. Random citizens who exhibit cruelty to the homeless are secretly recorded and then vanish—until their corpses soon reappear one by one, randomly deposited in the streets bearing a macabre message: Be kind or face the same horrifying fate. The city descends into panic, kindness transforms from a virtue into a flagrant, desperate act of self-preservation.


In this lethal game, where love is both a currency and a weapon, Mark Denny, an unassuming computer technician, becomes the unwitting pawn. With a risky opportunity to stop the carnage, Mark grapples with the weight of a city’s fear-fueled generosity, knowing that his solution could cost him everything.


Dire Means is a dark thriller that probes the depths of human empathy, and the lengths one man will go to enforce a twisted brand of justice. Can love be extorted? You’ll question the true meaning of kindness in the face of dire consequences.

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Author's Note

Dire Means was my first book. The final scene sets up the beginning of Prey for Us. You can read them in any order because the plots are otherwise unrelated. But if you are a sequel purist, begin with Dire Means.