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The Evolution of Warren (Volume 13)

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This ritual began with my curiosity about Warren’s first year’s growth. I did a comparison photo wearing the same shirt. On his second birthday, I happened to still have the shirt. A tradition was born. Warren grew to hate taking this photo, especially since by age 7, straddling his legs around my arm while he was face down was no longer comfortable for either of us, so we abandoned that pose. 3 years ago, I told him, “Daddy’s friends don’t think I’ll be able to pick you up for long.” That caused his disdain for the annual ritual to drain away, and suddenly he was into it, insisting that I pick him up. For year 13, I told him, “If I don’t get a gorgeous smile, you get no Instagram or other Social Media accounts.”

Stay tuned. Eventually, he’ll have to stand. We do this every August 19.