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Wanton Regard Audio Preview

Narrated by Courtney Holly

About this sample…

After her first dinner meeting with a new client, Hailey Vaughan wakes up in bed with him the next morning. She has no memory of entering his hotel room. The implications of her amnesia have her heart thumping. She sneaks out of his room before he wakes. On her way home, her panic grows when she notices that her wedding ring is missing. Her husband, Mason, will come unglued. Getting the ring back before Mason finds out will avoid a fight that could be the final straw in their already precarious marriage. To solve the dilemma, Hailey must reach out to her client, hoping he’s found, and can return, the ring. But it won’t be that simple. Nothing about Hailey’s life will be simple for a very long time. 

In this scene from chapter 10, Hailey’s girlfriend, Felicia, visits to offer support while Hailey tries to finesse the return of her wedding ring.