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Ground Work is coming. In book 2 of Prey for Us.  In this story, you’ll witness the rapid development of the Prey for Us operation, including the sub-lair expansion that will grow beneath Mrs. Perkins home out back, also purchased by Prey for Us.  You’ll learn about the installation of state-of-the-art security, and operational & behavior protocols for the three partners, Morana, Thane, and Clay.

In a world full of so much greed and corruption, they have plenty of fodder to practice on. Abducting small-time criminals provides an easy way to hone their skills and work out any risks to their mission. The Prey for Us system of providing recompense for unpunished deeds committed against their clients becomes a finely-tuned engine.If you enjoyed book 1 and enjoy seeing wrongdoers get what they deserve, you’ll want to grab book 1, Prey for Us – Ground Work