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 Dire Means — Bonus Material

Dear Dire Means finisher,


I’m so glad to share this “free extra” with you because it probably means you made it to the end of the story.  Any reader who is interested enough to request additional info because they enjoyed one of my books is a reader I cherish.


 So, here is a map of Pop’s headquarters, the underground bunker affectionately called The Nest.




The layout will show you the location of Mark’s suite, Pop’s office, the Mulching Room and a secret stairway as I envisioned it while writing the story.


I will continue to provide bonus material for each of my books to show my gratitude for readers who enjoy them.


Thanks, again, for your interest in my work. I’ll be in touch with a heads-up when my next book is available.


Warm regards,


—Geoffrey Neil


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