I get a thrill each time I pause or rewind live television. It shouldn't be possible. I grew up during the age of television that preceded Tivo's and DVR's (Digital Video Recorders). These new tools give us the luxury of watching TV with little regard for a show's starting time and no concern for interrupting phone calls and the freedom to pause until we're finished loading up on refreshments in the kitchen.

In fact, we no longer have to be sitting on the couch watching the credits roll from a previous show in order to catch the entire episode of our favorite show.
With a DVR, you sit down any time before the show ends and simply jump back to the beginning -or press the remote's button to record it for later.

I wish that was an option in my car, where I usually listen to AM news radio. I often tune in amidst an interesting news report, missing the first part and disappointed that I can't hear the whole story. TIVO has made television rewinding so easy and such a habit for me that sometimes while driving, my hand goes to the passenger seat -searching for a remote control so I can rewind.

Web browsers offer only a moderate ability to rewind. You can click the Back button, but only so far. If your browser has spawned a new tab or a new window, you may find that you can only go back a few clicks before the Back button is grayed out and you've hit a dead end.

Since most of my shopping is done online these days, web site shopping carts are familiar territory for me. Online receipt pages for software may contain a serial number or license key that is needed install the software, so, I make a habit of printing them out. These dynamically generated confirmation pages aren't easy to revisit after you've left them, and in some cases, clicking back too many times might unintentionally charge your credit card again.

I use a tool that eliminates the need to print out my receipts and lets me go back to virtually any web receipt/confirmation page that has splashed across my computer screen.

Scrapbook is a wonderful add-on to the Firefox browser. It saves the entire contents of a web page or web site to your computer and does so with the ease of saving a bookmark or favorite. (Note: I recommend saving pages with sensitive info on private, access-controlled computers only.) If you want to capture a web page exactly as it is, simply click the "Save to Scrapbook" button and it is yours forever. With the ability to create custom folders, Scrapbook keeps my order confirmations and online receipts archived and organized.

It is comforting to know that Scrapbook will keep any web page transaction viewable for me any time -not to mention save trees and extend the life of my printer.

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