Size Limit Exceeded

Ever have a file that is too big to email, but you really want to send it to someone because it's so very cool and you know the recipient will absolutely love it? Me too.

Once upon a time, an email message sent to a family member, friend, or coworker contained only a few lines of text. With lightning speed these email messages popped into your Inbox and shot out of your Outbox on their way to and from their happy senders and recipients.

A "big" email, back in those days, would be either a longer typed message or a message that included an attached word processing document totaling a few kilobytes. Still, these messages were exchanged by our mail servers with the ease and deftness -even with a trickling dial-up connection.

Eventually, as technology progressed, new attachable, fun things like Mp3 music files, high resolution video and digital still photos entered the scene. People wanted to attach them and tried. Sometimes the attachments transferred successfully, sometimes they didn't. Eventually we learned that mail servers were putting a limit on the size of our attachments. Even though the space allowed to store email messages has increased substantially for most email servers, some size limit (usually only 3-10 megabytes) for the transfer of attachments still exists today.

You have several options available to solve to this "my-email-attachment-is-too-big-to-send" dilemma:

Obvious option: Use "snail mail." This option may wreck your effort/reward ratio since you'll probably need to save the file(s) to CD or DVD, get proper packaging, look up the lucky recipient's address, and make a trip to the post office before waiting days for your recipient's enjoyment. Slow and clunky but it works.

Relatively technical option: Use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. For this to work, you'll need an FTP account on an FTP server and software to make the transfer.

Easy, cutting-edge option: Use an online file exchange program. Although several programs exist that can help you easily share large files, my favorite is called Pando ( Pando is free software for Mac & PC that allows you to share files up to 1 gigabyte (1,000 megabytes) online. The install is quick, and sharing files is as easy as dragging them to a window and typing in the "from" and "to" information. Your recipient receives an email with a link that retrieves the file for them. Simple and easy.

No longer should you be dismayed if you can't email those great photos, movies or your entire zipped song library all at once! A different tool will do the trick.

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