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As I sat at a friend's computer all the people in the room gathered around and stared at me like I was an idiot. "Sure would be nice to see what you're talking about," my buddy heckled.

"Hold on a minute, it will be worth it," I promised, pulling the keyboard closer to me. I typed every possible variation of the website's address into the browser but each time I hit the enter button, the wrong website popped up. I think one of the website-misfires may have begun to serve up some porn (I'm not sure because I clicked the "back" button too fast).

My embarrassment was exacerbated by the fact that I'm a supposed "computer guy." And based on the disappointed stares and teeth-sucking sounds coming from my friends, I'm apparently expected to have all my favorite websites memorized at all times.

Finally, I resorted to a Google search for the website and hollered, "I found it!" with excitement that was then too big for the tiny victory. By that point, group interest had shifted to television and my personal celebration fizzled.

Over the years I've collected over 600 browser bookmarks (or favorites, depending on your browser of choice). When I click on my bookmarks button I get a drop down list of my saved bookmarks that spans my entire screen. I've worked hard to keep them organized by category to make navigation easy and efficient. With my bookmarks at my fingertips, I don't need to remember web addresses; I just point and click.

Most of my bookmarks link to websites that I use to assist my clients with software downloads and other technical resources. As such, it is important that I have access to all my bookmarks from any location. A great tool I've found to accomplish this is a website called MyBookmarks.com. After signing up for a free account, MyBookmarks.com will assist you in uploading all your browser bookmarks/favorites to your own part of their website where they'll be kept private, protected behind a username and password. Log on from any computer that has Internet access and your bookmarks will appear -allowing you to click your mouse to any website that is saved on your home computer's bookmarks. I'm certain that MyBookmarks.com will help me avoid the shame and disappointment that comes from getting friends excited to see a super cool website with an address I can't, for the life of me, remember.

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