Comfy Synchronicity

I'm driving down the freeway fumbling my free hand below the driver's seat, searching for my sunglasses. The only items I find are an empty water bottle and a gum wrapper -neither of which can offer any relief for my squinting eyes on this bright, sunny day. I give up and put both hands on the steering wheel again.

It dawns on me that my sunglasses are in my car and I'm driving my wife's car. I hate it when that happens. I'm annoyed by my forgetfulness -I meant to grab my shades from my car before I left. I'd turn around and get them, but the thought of gasoline prices and the time I would lose makes me pass on that urge. I should have simply bought two pairs of sunglasses, one for each car. But this pair was unique from my favorite discount sunglasses rack at Venice Beach and it was one-of-a-kind and a great deal.

My phone rang and I reached up to my ear. My wireless earpiece was missing. That's right -I felt nothing but naked lobe. I remembered that I left the earpiece on my desk at the office. I hate it when I do that. "I should just buy two," I mumbled.

The next day I had a comfortable drive to a client's office while wearing my long lost ear piece and formerly-misplaced sunglasses. After I parked, I popped the trunk and reached in to grab a bottle of water. There was none. I remembered that the new case of water we bought is in my wife's car's trunk. I really hate it when that happens. And not having things where I need them is getting very old.

It would be fantastic if the things I need were constantly available everywhere I went. This is a tall order when it comes to physical things that we carry around, however, I've discovered that synchronizing my cyber, personal stuff is possible and even easy on the computer -with the Firefox browser.

Each week I work on between five and ten physically-separated computers. Most of my work on them is on the Internet. Google's Browser Sync add-on lets me synchronize my browser bookmarks, passwords and cookies between as many computers as I wish. It has been a tremendous tool in keeping all my personal browser preferences and bookmarks identical on all of the computers I use.

The set up of Google Browser Sync is quick and the items that you want to synchronize are configurable. There's even a PIN to protect the sensitive data that is synchronized. After the initial set up Google Browser Sync runs automatically -eliminating the limitations of my forgetfulness. Now if only a new version would sync wireless earpieces and sunglasses I would be all set.

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