StoryBundle: First-rate value in a “Second Degree” bundle!

I'm honored and grateful to have my book, Dire Means, included in the Second Degree Bundle from Some of you have been curious about Dire Means, yet haven't yet pulled the trigger on buying it or have been too shy to take me to lunch so I can give you a copy. Well, here is a great chance to buy my work dirt cheap and get 6 other titles to totally offset any risk!

If  you've never heard of StoryBundle, go check out their web site because it will explain their system nicely. They support Indie authors and put you, the customer, in charge of how much you pay and who  gets what percent of it. Seriously.

The first bundle was called  the "Big Bang Bundle" and featured sci-fi titles and was a huge success, selling over 3,600 bundles. The current bundle is called the Second Degree Bundle and is a unique well-thought-out mix of crime thrillers with a wide range of protagonists. The books and authors are:

  • Blood Red Turns Dollar Green, by Paul O’Brien
  • Dire Means, by Geoffrey Neil
  • Diary of a Small Fish, by Pete Morin
  • The Marinara Murders, by Erik Hanberg
  • Black Bird, by Greg Enslen

and two bonus titles (you get these if you pay at least $7 for the titles above):

  • Project Moses, by Robert Lowe
  • The Saints Go Dying, by Erik Hanberg

One thing  to keep in mind is that the bundles are offered for only a limited time so you need to hurry over and get yours. The "Second Degree Bundle" will expire on October 15, 2012.

You're welcome!

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