Second novel, HR, published

Let's get this out of the way... I wrote no graphic sex (sorry) and you won't endure any disgusting descriptions in my second novel, Human Resources, published November 1, 2012. If you enjoyed Dire Means, you might want to take a look at it, although it is a very different story.
I encourage you to read the Look Inside feature Amazon offers. If this book isn't your style, you'll know before the end of the large sample.
One character, Morana, moves forward into this story too. She seems to have an affinity for human acquisitions after discovering how incredibly easy it was for her in Dire Means. She appreciates her "tools" and she likes their results.
I tried something new in Human Resources. I wanted to create a good scare without leading the reader by the nose through every detail. The idea came from one of my favorite movies, The Silence of the Lambs. The scene where Dr. Chilton leads Clarice Starling down the stairs into the rock-walled dungeon where Hannibal Lecter is kept. The audio hum of bass swells and even though we know Dr. Lecter is securely locked up, we also know what he's done to people (nurses) who have tended to him. It's scary and my heart thumps each time I see that scene even though I know that Hannibal can't break out of the cell and harm Clarice. You can see the movie 10 times and it still creates worry because Hannibal's capabilities have been made clear. This causes your imagination to swarm with vivid possibilities. That's what I went for in HR, whether I passed or failed.
At the moment, the ebook of Human Resources is exclusive to Amazon (KDP program). A flawed, unedited version of the book was uploaded (my fault) to Amazon and then it was corrected. Amazon sent notice to Kindle owners and hopefully they have updated their devices with the edited version. This was a costly mistake and I've suffered some negative reviews that cited poor editing. I deserved this criticism, but, having fixed it, I hope new reviewers can now post their opinion of the story, good or bad, instead of its former typos.
Some of the reviewers who hated the book decided it would be a useful service to future shoppers to spoil the story. Rather than have the story maliciously and inaccurately spoiled, I decided to somewhat-spoil it myself in the more prominent section of the book's description. Here it is: The story involves non-graphic implication of cannibalism. This, apparently, freaks some people out and they unload a 1-star review because it catches them by surprise. I'm grateful that, so far, the positive reviews to the story outweigh the negative reactions. I hope the trend continues. Meanwhile, I'm gone, off to write my third book.

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