Progress Report

I feel  fortunate that a number of people are asking for information about  my next book. I used to post updates in my Facebook author page, but if my updates are too frequent, it will annoy some, they'll hide my page, its interest ranking will drop in Facebook's algorithms, it subsequently won't be shown to anyone, I'll sell no more books, I'll have no food which will lead to a slow, but certain death all because I talked too much.

So I'll blog updates when the urge strikes so interested people can proactively find my status. It will also prevent me from  becoming obnoxious on FB. My progress so far on Wanton Regard, my third novel.

I've been averaging over a thousand words a day. That's after another couple thousands words of emailing for my day job each day. The story is flowing nicely and on a few nights I went to bed with sore wrists, frustrated that I couldn't continue because the movie in my head was still going.

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