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Geoff bags a hot pie and trunks it.

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Story about the best pizza joint in CA creating the ultimate in deliciosity!


I want to explain why I love Larchmont Village. I'm from New York, but I've lived in various Los Angeles communities for over twenty years now. I have been more than fair in granting every pizzeria (the ones with the audacity to advertise "New York Style" pizza in their window) the opportunity to impress me. They have disappointed me time after time. Until I had lunch at Village Pizzeria.

The moment the first bite's delicious, hot, stringy cheese flopped down and scalded my chin. It was love at first bite as the flavor hit me. I was smitten. The authentic N.Y. memorabilia on the walls sealed the deal and Village Pizzeria had a new lifelong fan.

Their delicious, as close-to-New-York-as-you-can-get-in-LA thin crust pizza created a dilemma for me. I live near Pico and Crescent Heights and Village Pizzeria doesn't deliver west of La Brea -despite my offers to pay their drivers handsomely. I now needed their pizza regularly to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms.

Desperate, I flipped open my laptop and Googled like crazy until I found a company that sold insulated pizza-delivery bags. I chose a red, $39 bag big enough to keep two large thin-crust pies hot. I got out my credit card and raced through the online shopping cart to get my bag.

It arrived and, yes, I must go get my own pizza, but it is worth the effort. I usually phone in my "to go" order while I'm stopped at the traffic signal of Wilshire and Highland so when I get to Larchmont Village and finish the battle for a parking space, my hot pizza can slide right into my insulated bag in the trunk of my car. (Note: I never carry the bag into Village Pizzeria. People thinking that I'm a pizza delivery person doesn't bother me at all -it's not that. Rather, I don't want Steve, the owner, to know what a hold he has on me with his scrumptious Brooklyn-style delicacy! It's better that he remain unaware that I'd pay whatever he asked for a large plain cheese).

So I make that slow crawl in my car down Larchmont Blvd, hawking for a parking space amidst people who have no clue that in my trunk I carry a precious tool that enables my NY pizza vise.

As if Village Pizzeria wasn't enough reason to visit Larchmont Village, my wife and I also enjoy Chan Dara and Louises Trattoria. Dinner at one of these other favorites is usually followed with a casual stroll to Jamba Juice for dessert.

The boulevard is a fantastic place to take a walk and I have a couple of clients I've accepted despite being out of my service area. They have Village Pizza to thank for that.

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  1. Carol de Mauregne
    You MUST try Joe Peep's Pizza at the corner of Whittsett and Magnolia in NoHo. I haven't had it in forever (NOT lo-carb), but it was truly my fav! I preferred the...
  2. Mr. X
    Senior Geoffrey, I share your passion for the pies. And to think we always met up for a burger!?!?! Anyways, I do believe Lamonica's of Westwood deserves an honorable mention and it's certainly a candidate for best sauce (ask them for a little extra in a container and they usually oblige). Man oh man I could live on their sauce. This place has even been endorsed by Iron Mike Tyson so if you don't agree feel free to take it up with him. Larchmont does have a soothing charm all its own and enjoying a slice and the village scenery is a perfect afternoon.

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