Books Shouldn’t Have a Volume Knob, Right?

You can read chapter 1 of Wanton Regard with a real-time, scene-matching, sound-effects track. I’m not kidding—try it. I seriously doubt there will be any lukewarm opinions, here. You'll either despise it because the added sound annoys you like over-sized subtitles written in a foreign language OR you'll dig it because because the extra sensory input makes it more like a movie.

Before you get all twisted up with literary indignation about this flagrant intrusion into your imagination's role, take a breath. Visualize yourself as open-minded for a few moments, turn up your speaker volume and try it out at: Wanton Regard on

Note: After you click the "READ" button, you'll need to turn the pages as you read, it won't turn them for you even though the arrow moves down the margin. I’ll tell you what I think of this whole concept later.


A soundtrack playing while you read feels odd at first, I know. The concept has been around for a while—I just hadn't heard of it. When I first visited, I picked a random book and listened. At first, the sound distracted me. Then when I switched my focus to the written words, the ambient sounds, became background and did seem to enhance what I was reading in a way that surprised me.

Next, I uploaded one of my own books, Wanton Regard, and began adding sound and effects provided by the online studio. I completed chapter one in about an hour and have to say that the sounds ended up being fairly close to the sounds I had imagined when writing the story.

Am I inclined to sound-engineer a whole book? Ehhh –probably not. But the novelty of having a first chapter available with a sound track is a nice marketing tool and could be fun for book shoppers looking to check out your work. The title, cover, quote, opening sentences, and now, the sound track, provide a good sense of the type of story you’ll experience if you decide to continue reading with only the voices in your head.

You're welcome.

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