BookBub Rejection Letter

Dear BookBub,

Thanks for your submission. Unfortunately, I have not selected BookBub to feature my book at this time. Please understand that this is not a reflection of the quality of your BookBub “Featured Deal” offer.

Due to limited options for marketing my book, I’m only able to accept advertising from about 20% of the ebook promotion sites that contact me. Rest assured that I read all submissions that meet my minimum guidelines for ebook promotion and select the tools that I believe will perform best for my growing list of fans. I know what they want and I know what, historically, has worked best for them. Unfortunately, other ebook promotion sites were better fits for my readers’ current tastes.

Given the volume of the offers I receive, I’m not able to provide editorial feedback on the reason your “Featured Deal” promotional tool wasn’t selected. However, the fact that that I am not “partnering” with BookBub right now does not mean it’s ineligible for future consideration. I invite you to continue submitting your “Featured Deal” offer as its platform grows and you generate additional exposure.

Here are some tips to make future submissions as competitive as possible:

  • Offer your BookBub “Featured Deal” at a lower price point.
  • Revert to featuring a higher percentage of Indie authors who publish high-quality, well-edited books in your “Featured Deal”.
  • Extend the booking period for your “Featured Deal” to six months and let          me select a specific day from a cute little dropdown calendar like other promo sites do.
  • Re-submit your “Featured Deal” offer to me in a few months, when it might be a better fit for my readers.

Please wait at least four weeks before resubmitting a new BookBub “Featured Deal” offer for my book.

Best wishes,

Geoffrey Neil

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