Bonus Material – Wanton Regard

Here are the goods!

I cherish any reader who enjoyed one of my books enough to request the bonus materials, so please accept these "extras" as a gift of thanks!
Cabin Interior
This is a rendering of Gage's cabin as I envisioned and described it in the story.
Download File
Map of Gage's Property
This is an aerial map of the cabin and surrounding land, showing its remoteness and all of the basic elements mentioned in the story. It includes the paths Hailey took when fleeing from Gage.
Download File
Bonus Chapter
This zip file contains the bonus chapter. I've included three file formats (epub, mobi and PDF) Each format contains the same text, so you can read the chapter using whichever format your reading device prefers. This chapter will fill you in on Gage's acquisition of the cabin and Marissa's chilling first ride to it.
Download File
If you have any comments or questions you can reach me at: [email protected] I'm always happy to hear from readers. Thanks, again, for your interest and support!

Friendly "regards",


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