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Here are the goods!

I'm thrilled to share these files with you. A reader who enjoys one of my books enough to request its bonus material is a reader I am grateful for. Accept these "extras" as my gift of thanks.

Map of Mapetoa Island

This is an aerial view of the isolated, opulent island resort I envisioned while writing the story.
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Bonus Chapter - Troubled in Paradise
This unpublished chapter reveals how Morana approached, courted and lured Dr. Pradin to the island. You'll also see the prickly moments when it dawns on Dr. Pradin that he is not free to leave. Ever.
Note: For the Bonus Chapter, I've included three file formats (epub, mobi and PDF) Each format contains the same text, so you can select whichever format your reading device prefers. I will be writing bonus chapters for all my books and will continue to share these with you when they become available.
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Thanks, again, for your interest and support!

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