Malice Aforethought

Prey for Us - Malice Aforethought

Easy prey, high price.

Kidnapping Antoinette was easy, but may have been a tragic mistake for the serial killer.
Her disappearance devastates the Stanlich family, particularly her twin sister, Allison. The mystery is short-lived when they receive a chilling phone call from Antoinette, making clear the horror of her circumstances. The wealthy family is willing to do anything to save her, and become entangled in a cruel ransom game with a notorious killer whose nineteen previous victims have been discovered dead.
Antoinette's father discovers a risky, game-changing secret weapon. Gambling on it will either deliver justice, making his daughter's abductor sorry, or destroy what remains of his family.
Strap in for a wild story filled with heart-thumping twists and turns.

Available soon.

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You gotta watch the one you love.... and she will love you even if it's the last thing she does.


A vigilante ends homelessness in Santa Monica by terrifying citizens into perfect brotherly love. The city is in for a shocking makeover.


Prey for Us offers crime victims personalized, untraceable revenge. Victims can even the score, and they have no rules. But neither does Prey for Us.


Some things are worse than getting fired. A gorgeous consultant has much more than company restructuring on her mind.


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